The Church of The Skid

Welcome, friend.

Your lifelong quest for enlightment and salvation has come to an end for you have finally found the path of redemption, the path of our one true messiah: the almighty Skid Loader. Be not afraid for our savior will guide you to victory and glory on the Battlefield.


Our TeamSpeak server is the hub for praising our lord and savior, The Skid. You can join our beloved home via this blessed domain:


Videos (German)

Our member ozzyfant is keeping record of our holy mission on his YouTube channel. You can find his latest creation here. But be aware: His videos are in German!

Game Servers

The holy grounds of The Skid are open to everybody willing to join. Secure your place in heaven and conquer your enemy for it is your holy duty. Be sure to join our mission as often as possible to become a truly powerful warrior in the name of The Skid. Be sure to take a look at the games blessed by The Skid. These games shall bring salvation to your lonely soul.

Games worthy of The Skid

Not all games are worth being played. Only true masterpieces are considered Skid-worthy and are played by The Skid's followers. Click on one of the games to see our holy representatives in the game.

The Fellowship of The Skid

You may recognize our holy forces by this emblem of our savior, The Skid. It is written that each warrior and vehicular fighter shall wear this emblem with pride on his sacred armor.

Below you see a listing of all those who follow the guidance of The Skid. Honor them, as they dedicated themselves completely to serving and glorifying our lord and savior.

Our Members


Our Beloved Friends